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The Big Data for Security and Intelligence Conference and Exhibition organized by iHLS will showcase the latest requirements of the commercial and security sectors in the big data field alongside the most innovative technological solutions in Israel and globally.


Commercial companies interested in consumer behavior, financial trends, etc. as well as security agencies, law enforcement, military forces, and intelligence organizations, will be able to learn about the most advanced tools for receiving real-time operational information: Information filtering, analytics, and the fusion of all the information from the various platforms – drones, sensors, cameras, texts, mapping, etc. – into a unified product.

Advanced solutions in data storage and cyber security for big data systems will also be showcased.

Target Audience

Chief Information Officers, project managers, development engineers, VPs, CFOs, decision makers, the high-tech and startup industry, the defense industries, police and IDF, e.g. 8200 Unit, computer communication, intelligence, etc, end users, various interested parties from Israel and abroad, IT infrastructure buyers and many more.


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