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The British Army is the first customer for a new and advanced Israeli counter-drone system: the Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Drone Dome counter-drone solution.

The systems include the Multi-Mission Hemispheric Radars (MHR) by RADA Electronic Industries, and the purpose is to protect from airborne drones some sensitive facilities and sites on which British armed forces are deployed. Several initial systems are being purchased, with additional potential for significant further orders which are expected to materialize in the coming months and quarters.

RADA’s MHR provides 360-degree surveillance and detects the drones at distances of 3-5 kilometers. Signal intelligence system along with electro-optical sensors, provide additional layers of threat classification and identification, while RF jamming provides the soft-kill layer of this solution.

Rafael’s Drone Dome team together with RADA, won the tender published by the UK Ministry of Defense, ahead of Israel Aerospace Industries’ subsidiary Elta and Italian company Leonardo. Deliveries of this program are expected to be concluded within 2018, according to RADA’s announcement.

Dov Sella, RADA’s CEO, commented, “This win, in view of the advanced competition, demonstrates the leadership of our software-defined, multi-mission AESA radars in the fields of VSHORAD (very short range air defense) and C-UAV (counter UAV) warfare. It is the first sale of the Drone Dome solution, after intensive global business development efforts over the past 2 years by the joint team, to a leading global force such as the UK Army. As a result, we expect that sales of these radars, as part of the Drone Dome solution, will gain significant momentum in the coming quarters.”   

RADA specializes in the development, production and sale of tactical land radar for force and border protection.