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Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) recently performed a successful demo of its Rotem system, a lightweight, lethal assault UAV, which can be carried and operated by a single combatant. The demo covered end-to-end capabilities of the Rotem, including fast assault of miniature target with utmost precision.

The demo which reflected the completion of the PoC was held under tough field and weather conditions, highlighting the system’s ability to respond quickly and effectively to low signature enemy in a threatened space.

The system is a state-of-the-art assault “suicide” drone with combat head and vertical takeoff and landing capabilities. As such, it is suitable for intelligence, reconnaissance and surveillance missions, as well as for assault missions, according to the company announcement.

The Rotem can be carried, deployed and operated by a single foot-mobile warfighter. The AV simply folds into 38x7x5 inches. It is designed to be launched in seconds during dismounted maneuver with no special aids.

The AV is controlled by a single operator with automated modes e.g., Emergency Return Home, NAV-TO Coordinates, Route, Observation, Attack, Abort Safe Ditch and Auto Takeoff & Landing.

The AV can be dynamically re-tasked during an active mission, including the transition from forward flight to hover/crawl speed and vice-versa.

Boaz Levy, General Manager and Executive VP of Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) Systems, Missiles & Space Group, said, “The pilot in which we have proved the complete capability range of the Rotem constitutes a quantum leap. I believe a UAV that combines reconnaissance and surveillance, terrain dominance, a combination of various sensors and assault capabilities adds significant value to the forces, with an emphasis on complex warfare situations that require a fast, accurate and available response to battlefield threats.”