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Evolving unmanned aerial systems mission needs require evolving payloads. With the TASE250 imaging payload, military and civilian users now have field-proven imaging capabilities in the smaller size and weight demanded by the new missions. The payload satisfies the increasing demand for exceptional full-motion video performance through all periods of visibility. The system’s small size and weight allow them to be deployed at lower altitudes and from a variety of platforms.

UTC Aerospace Systems (a unit of United Technologies Corp.) has released its new TASE250 optical payload system for small UAS applications.

This lightweight, high-performance camera technology is part of the company’s existing TASE family of payloads that are operationally proven, having flown hundreds of thousands of hours in the harshest of unmanned military environments.

The technology provides both longwave infrared (LWIR) and visible imaging solutions, giving operators improved situational awareness in day and night, an all-digital imaging chain for maximized processing capability and an optimized lens design for enhanced object recognition, according to the company announcement.