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Several new systems that will enhance dismounted soldiers’ information, command and fire capabilities have been recently exposed by Rheinmetall defense industry. One of them is the TacNet, the company’s Tactical Management System TMS. This command and weapon engagement system is designed to meet the requirements of high-mobility operations at the tactical level.

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TacNet is structured to ensure that troops on the ground, vehicles of all types and tactical ops centers all share a common operational picture. Objective-oriented movement, efficient communication and combat effectiveness define the basis for soldiers at the tactical level.

The technology welds two different software systems into a single product family. The cross-sectional display and control device feeds directly into TacNet. This expands the operational spectrum of the software to all touchscreen-operated systems. Other means of entering data, e.g. via control handles, are also possible, according to

Rheinmetall is also exposing its new Gladius 2.0 soldier system. This advanced version encompasses an expanded array of capabilities for military leaders, including a second radio for communication with higher-echelon command elements. In particular, Gladius 2.0 is characterized by high scalability and flexibility. This means that other components can be easily connected to all variants on a plug-and-play basis.

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