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The Israeli Eitan AFV has recently completed a comprehensive series of tests in various terrain types across Israel. The tests included an assessment of the vehicle’s navigability and its performance in various regions in the country, from the Golan Heights to southern Israel, as well as its performance on paved roads. The tests were executed by the Ministry of Defense’s Merkava and AFV Administration in collaboration with the GOC Army Headquarters and the Nahal Brigade.

The Eitan is the world’s most advanced AFV of its kind. It is being developed at the Ministry of Defense’s Merkava and AFV Administration and has reached advanced development stages. Last month, the Security Cabinet confirmed the recommendation by Minister of Defense Avigdor Lieberman, and the IDF will be equipped with hundreds of Eitan wheeled AFVs during the coming years.

According to the Merkava and AFV Administration, the warriors examine during the tests several warfare drills with the Eitan, including urban warfare training. The tests enable to achieve optimal compatibility to the IDF requirements and examine the operational concept regarding this vehicle.

The Eitan is equipped with a wide range of advanced weapon and command & control systems: Lethal weapon systems, mini turret with a 30mm cannon, peripheral observation system, touch screens with very high resolution enabling optimal and intuitive operation of multiple systems, according to the announcement of Israel’s Ministry of Defense.