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A game-changer situational awareness system for combat vehicles is being developed by Defensphere, an Estonian-Croatian company. The Vegvisir system is designed to provide armored vehicle crews with visibility of the battlefield through the armored wall of the vehicle.

The Vegvisir solution, which is based on innovative camera systems, sensors and algorithms synthesizing the camera images, uses head-mounted displays to provide a Mixed-Reality overview of what is happening in the immediate surroundings of the vehicle. It also provides objects of interest significantly further away: up to 10 km from the vehicle.

Vegvisir is designed to provide visibility for the personnel of various armored vehicles (APC, IFV, MBT and others), enabling them to observe, better orient and more rapidly respond than with traditional solutions currently used on armored vehicles.

The 360-degree field of vision is achieved by a camera and sensor system installed on the armored vehicle, allowing the entire crew to see a real-time, simultaneous, minimum-latency image of the surroundings of the vehicle, according to the company. The platform “combines four complementary layers of sensors to ensure visibility in a range of tactical situations, both in daylight and, by using thermal sensors, in the dark.”

Vegvisir is being developed in line with NATO’s military standards and is also being integrated with other platforms used on the battlefield, including unmanned land vehicles, stand-alone sensors, and battlefield management systems, according to