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While Big Data is already extensively used in the civil domain, for instance helping companies to improve decision-making based on customer spending (big) data, its potential benefits for the defense sector still needs to be explored and investigated.

Military officials and industry experts in the US have long discussed how artificial intelligence can benefit the warfighter. AI promises to crunch big data into easily digestible bites of actionable information and to predict, for example, when parts of a vehicle are about to wear out.

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But there has not been enough emphasis on how AI can improve modeling and simulations for training purposes — a market area that is becoming increasingly important, according to Incorporating big data and AI with modeling and simulation  (M&S) could be an unbeatable advantage for the US army.

Military experts have been raising the question how data that’s collected from training exercises be brought back in to replay, improve performance and give feedback to the trainees, in order to improve the training with data analysis.

Because of the data-intensive nature of modeling and simulation, those working in the field already have an acute understanding of how to work with gobs of information and are well suited to take advantage of new technologies.

In a recent report regarding the US DoD AI, Big Data and Cloud Taxonomy, Govini found that the Pentagon spending on all three fields collectively reached $7.4 billion in fiscal year 2017, which is 32.4 percent higher than it was in fiscal year 2012.

The European Defence Agency EDA recently concluded a study exploring the big data domain to understand how its tools and techniques could best be applied to modeling and simulation activities in the defense environment. The aim was to understand the impact on M&S across the full breadth of its use in the life cycle of future military systems. The output of the study is an assessment matrix mapping big data tools to M&S areas to facilitate future defense collaborative projects in developing the next generation of military simulation systems in an optimized way, according to

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The event will be held on February 21st at the Lago Conference Center in Rishon LeZion, with the participation of the leading experts and industries of the big data ecosystem in Israel and abroad.

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