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China is continuing its trend of robotizing human jobs. After replacing pharmacists with robots and developing a robotic police patrol officer, China wants technology to fill in for the police station as well. reported recently that a police station powered by artificial intelligence is now being built in China. The unmanned police station will open in one of China’s main cities. A report out of China reveals that this unmanned station will help out with registration services as well as driver examinations through a simulator. It’s also going to feature advanced facial recognition technology developed by Tencent.

Since it’s not going to be staffed by humans who have rights and need to take a break, this station is going to be open to the public 24/7.

The report mentioned that citizens will be required to use their face as a means of identification.

This enables citizens to skip the long form filling process or generate logins through apps. The image recognition will pull up all of the necessary information that’s required to help them out.

The concept might eventually be expanded to cover other sections of the government bureaucracy. This effort shows how serious China is about advancing the use of artificial intelligence in the daily lives of its citizens.

The development follows the exposure in China, in February, of the E-Patrol Robot, who is capable of following potential criminals or suspicious people using facial recognition technology and detecting safety hazards such as fires.