amphibious vehicle

China is developing the world's fastest amphibious multi-role vehicle, which can be used in personnel and supply transportation at sea as well as for...
counter-terror technologies

China has been enhancing its arsenal of counter-terror technologies. Recently, it has developed a new counter-terrorism laser gun capable of hitting the targets within...
surveillance systems

Over 20 million cutting-edge security cameras have been installed by China in what is believed to be the world's most advanced surveillance system. The...
traffic management

The rapid adoption of drones for business, academic, government and nonprofit uses has raised concerns about how authorities can identify drones and ensure they...
powerful radar

Scientists in China are developing a powerful radar to detect stealth aircraft, a technology that could be a military “game changer” if mounted on...

A Chinese unmanned, amphibious aircraft to transport supplies to islands and to be used in military applications with special sensors is ready for operations....
dual-use technologies

China and Russia are looking into closer industrial cooperation in the development of military and civilian products. The Russian high-tech conglomerate Rostec Corporation large-scale...
artificial intelligence

The Pentagon sees Artificial Intelligence (AI) and related technologies as key enablers of future military operations. But the Defense Department faces challenges as it...
stealth fighter jets

Confronting the threat of stealth fighter jets requires the development of advanced and special means in comparison to the challenge posed by other fighter...
north korea

By Arie Egozi The US has only a few options at the still verbal conflict with North Korea. In the aftermath of Obama’s eight-year presidency,...
tactical UAS

As part of its celebration of the People's Liberation Army, the Military Museum of the Chinese People's Revolution in Beijing is displaying a range...
future battlefield

The future battlefield is at the center of a new US Army study about the warfare over the next few decades. Soldiers can expect...

Navies around the world are seeing the advancement made in UAVs and want to apply that technology to their work. According to a
combat UAV

The military UAV market has been expanding. China has started commercial production of its CH-5 Rainbow drone, touted to be a rival to the...
cyber security

Not only Russia poses risks to power grid cybersecurity. Small- to mid-size energy companies are facing a variety of threats, says a new report...
electronic warfare

The US Army Research Lab has been increasingly focusing on fighting land wars against far more technologically sophisticated adversaries than it has in the...

China has refuted ‘Western media reports’ on the Djibouti military base as a prejudice against Beijing and has said that the two ships carrying...
cybersecurity law

There has been a growing global trend regarding the security and sovereignty of digital data - building facilities that store online data closer to...
defense industry

A new trend has been emerging in China’s defense industry. China’s military is increasingly enlisting smaller private sector startups in the race to create...
attack helicopter

Pakistan has been examining a light attack helicopter for its army. It may have selected the Turkish Aerospace Industries’ (TAI) T129 ATAK helicopter over...
artificial intelligence

The United States appears poised to heighten scrutiny of Chinese investment in Silicon Valley to better shield sensitive technologies seen as vital to U.S....
solar UAV

China's largest unmanned solar-powered aircraft has recently set a domestic record by reaching an altitude of more than 20,000 meters during a secretive test...

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