Situational Awareness for Business Firms in War Zones

situational awareness

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A new security system which brings together up-to-the-minute information on key security developments in Iraq and the implications for companies operating in the region will launch this month. The web-based portal by Restrata will serve as a live platform to provide reporting and longer-term situational awareness and risk analysis conducted by its Business Solutions Operation Centre (BSOC) in Basrah.

According to, Restrata is co-located with the Basrah Operations Command (BaOC), the main headquarters of the Iraqi Security Forces (ISF), and provides a liaison between ISF and International Oil Companies (IOCs) and private business.

The online portal will offer comprehensive current situation assessment and analysis, as well as an archive of historic material, thus promoting freedom of movement, emergency liaison and information, and analysis.

Information provided by BSOC allows organizations to plan and implement safe journey management with real-time situational awareness. Through liaison with the 24/7 Control Centre companies can gain assistance in dealing with any difficulties that may occur and responding to incidents. Through the BSOC, the Iraqi Security Forces can be called upon to support subscribers in emergency situations.

Headquartered in the UAE, Restrata provides a range of safety and security services to establish the necessary security and crisis management arrangements to build resilience within organisations, including consultancy, situational awareness and tracking, training and workforce development, response services in crisis and continuity management, fire and rescue services, safe journey management, and HSE management.

Botan Osman, Managing Director at Restrata, said: “The BSOC has a unique relationship at the heart of command in the region and has a strong and effective working relationship with the authorities in Iraq. This provides the most complete service available for those looking to minimize the risks to personnel and equipment. Operating conditions can change very quickly and the best way to stay informed is by using a service that continuously monitors the situation in the country in real-time.”