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A new smart watch will be worn by injured soldiers during battle and will allow the IDF to monitor the soldiers’ vital signs and other medical statistics from afar, alerting relevant parties when a soldier needs medical aid.

The IDF Medical Corps expects that the bracelet, which is a technological breakthrough for the IDF’s medical teams, will save the lives of many soldiers on the battlefield.

As reported by the IDF Radio, the smart watch initiative is in an advanced stage of development and will be tested in the coming months, when medical staff will place a bracelet on the wrists of any soldiers injured during military operations. The bracelet will rank the soldier’s injuries as moderate, severe, critical, or light, allowing medical staff to prioritize soldiers who need help more urgently than others. The bracelet will transfer all of the soldier’s vital statistics to medical staff waiting to receive him at the hospital or the helicopter. Every treatment will be recorded by the bracelet, which will in fact constitute the soldier’s digital medical file. It is still unknown whether in the future every soldier will be equipped with such bracelet in order to transmit his physiological condition to his commanders, but the idea is being studied. Combatant soldiers who will wear the bracelet regularly will be monitored and their commanders or doctors would be able to receive alerts when there is a deviation from normal conditions, a technology that could prevent death as result of heat or dehydration.

The prototype was developed by a team of cyber, engineering and software cadets.