IDF to Revolutionize Data Centers Array

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Earlier today, the Israeli Ministry of Defense announced that tomorrow it will open it’s largest bid in the ministry’s’ history. The contestants will be large Israeli IT companies and their target will be uniting dozens of data centers to less than 10 which will be scattered across Israel, the bid’s worth according to the MoD message is hundreds of millions of NIS.

Due to the the project’s complexity the MoD Director General decided it justifies establishing “IT to the South” headquarters that will focus solely on the bid and include personnel from the IDF and the MoD.

The winning company will be tested in technological parameters, i.e transporting the technology, maintenance, activation and also of course the financial aspects.

The bid is part of a wider IDF plan which includes higher efficiency and more advanced use of space. The IDF’s computer systems will also get a handsome upgrade in order to be on the same level as those of the most powerful armies on the globe.

Bracha Hertz, Head of “IT to the South” and the teleprocess purchasing division in the MoD: “At first we wanted to bring in an international company since a project of this scale has never been attempted in Israel. After further thinking, we decided to prefer an Israeli company with a suitable classification. We shall cope with the Israeli lack of experience by co-operating with a company from overseas but the prime company will be the Israeli winner. This way, the experience and job opportunities, for all levels, will remain in Israel. After the bid and the creating of the data center, which will save hundreds of millions, the company will need to stay and maintain the complex for another 7-10 years”.

Colonel Asher Dvash, who is in charge of moving the IDF facilities to the South in the IDF’s Computer Service Directorate: “The project will give a technological computing solution to all the IDF’s commands. It is one of the most challenging projects that the IDF has taken on itself in the past 30-40 years. We built an incubator with professionals from all the IDF’s different arenas in order to write the bid. The head of purchase in the MoD said that it is one of the most complicated and challenging projects he has ever seen. “We look to maintain our operational and practical abilities throughout the whole building process”.