The Necessary Use of Terrain Dominance Technologies

This thing looks a bit like Number 5 from the movie Short Circuit (or "Nummer 5 lebt" in German). Actually it's one of the thousand of surveillance cameras in London.

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In today’s world of terror threats and subversive elements operating within countries’ borders, intelligence has never been more crucial. With no opposing country to fight against, the whole strategic concept of security was forced to change and to focus on other aspects. Countries today put the crucial point of being aware of what is happening inside their own borders as a top priority. When trying to have gather intelligence in a public or civilian terrain, a country must take into account the need for specificity, in order to avoid not only collateral damage, but also misidentification – as the balance between security and civil rights must be kept.

Unlike former crude methods of surveillance on a certain area considered hostile or sensitive, today’s strategic operations for obtaining intelligence are on a whole different level. Troops are no longer required to enter into a territory themselves, as technology offers security services all those former capabilities and more.

Aircrafts, for instance, are no longer needed to fly over an area, as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) offer those very same capabilities with less risk to the pilots’ lives. Data gathered by UAVs can also be transferred to a database for further analysis, where it adds of more data arriving from other technologies to form a larger picture.

Such technologies include sensors, Motion Control systems, Electro-optics and Surveillance, Components and Electronics, Navigation systems via satellites, Power Control systems, Rugged Systems, Applications and softwares, Inertial sensors, Cyber Defense systems, and Real-time operating systems.

Of course, such massive amounts of data require a way of sorting through the information, such as video analytics, in order to not only gather all needed information on a certain area, but also to be able to make sense of it all.

Terrain Dominance is an overall operative strategy used not only for military purposes but also for civilian ones. Crowded places have proved, time and time again, to be a risk for civilians, allowing for more casualties in case of an attack. Surveillance and detection, along with video analytics technologies, can prove to be vital in such scenarios.


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