Egozi’s Fury – Rockets and Boycott on Israel

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18315594_m-egozi-featureAgain, rockets were fired from the Gaza Strip. I won’t relate to the ridiculous response by the IDF, sending the airforce to bomb “terror infrastructures”. It just created some new large holes in the Gaza sands.

This is not the problem.

The problem is that we don’t have any policy. Under the circumstances, things are expected to get worse. Israel does not have a formal policy regarding what happens, or what should happen in Gaza under the siege. Israel does not have a formal policy to follow with those “random terror organizations” in Gaza. In a government with more ministers than offices, no wonder this is the situation.

If this situation continues, Gaza will stay a barrel of explosives on our border, occasionally reminding us it can blow up in our faces.

The problem is more severe – when such an explosion happens, Israel still won’t have any policy. When everything is improvised, this is what it comes to.

Amongst the calls from some international organizations ruled by radical Islam to boycott Israel, there was also a call for a security boycott of some states in Europe. “Don’t give them weapons”  they say. When initiating this clause in the call for boycotting, they are so busy blindly hating Israel, that they are unfamiliar with the basic facts.

Israel sells weapon systems to Europe, not the other way around. Nevertheless, within this Muslim slander, the facts fail to confuse the heads of the boycott initiating organizations, some of which are assisted by Israelis for their actions.

The sirens were crying and the schools exercised going into shelters. Position holders with shining safety vests were overseeing all that is going on and everything was orchestrated and shown on all of the news broadcasts.

However, as much as these drills are required, they are practically worthless.

If rockets and missiles start dropping here, it will be far more complex than any drill, as wide-ranged as it is, might prepare the citizens.

Drills are good, but when the defense of the home front is divided between three or four authorities, when the government fails to decide who does what, it doesn’t matter that the IDF, the fire department, and the home front command do their work loyally, as they do. The effort will prove inefficient, most certainly in realistic conditions.

Nevertheless, the government has to provide vacant roles for ministers with whom it can’t do anything else. This is our situation.