A New Command Car for the Firefighting Services

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20150510_173423These days, we finished building the command post vehicle for the firefighting services, which is the national command post. The vehicle was built in a joint project of the Mer group and  and Feldman armoring and modification, that builds specially designed cars.

The need for this vehicle arose after a few national disaster, the most renowned of which is the “Carmel Forest Disaster” causing the death of 44 individuals. Since then, many changes occurred in the preparedness level of the fire fighters in Israel, including a change in the organizational structure, and its deployment with advanced, innovative measures. This command post is one of the most significant milestones for the fire fighters and without a doubt, it significantly upgrades the ability to control and command it.

The vehicle was designed and built by the Mer group and Feldman armoring and modification..

The vehicle is used as a self-sufficient, autonomous platforms to manage large scale events by being a command post for any place in Israel, next to the arena, and is designated to enable commanders and position holders a long-term work environment maintaining an advanced technological and functional environment for controlling, commanding, reporting, and investigating events.

The vehicle is divided to central desk, call center stands and operational areas to allow the autonomous function of the vehicle and include an energy system which is fed from the national network or from a generator, and the backup abilities of a generator bank, to enable constant, robust work, without flaws.

The vehicle is equipped with the most advanced communication systems and with the best of technology including a VOIP based communication, wireless communications, tactical communication, satellite communication, the ability to connect with parallel rescuing parties like the police, the MDA, the home front command etc. These communications are based on the ability to receive data, audio and video. The vehicle is also equipped with video and audio recording systems, for control and questioning purposes.

The vehicle has communication channels for firefighting planes, and it can receive real time status updates. The vehicle supports video conferences which enable estimations with the area commanders in the field.

The command post can triple its size by spreading side tents and connecting to them using external communication and energy panels, deployed in its chassis. This enables expansion for “hosting” other position holders. Not only does this enable work of a few position holders, but it also enables such work over an unlimited time.

The vehicle features may additional devices to allow an ergonomic and convenient work environment, including an advanced air conditioning system with climate control, a roof which enables the carrying of designated equipment, a post with various devices and other progressive devices.

By Eyal Avidov