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39594300_mDuring 2014, the Israeli defense  industries signed new contracts, valued at  5.66 billion dollars.

The Israeli defense industry, ranked among the top 10 leading defense  exporters in the world, continues to invest in research and development of technological solutions, which match the ever changing security reality around the world: asymmetrical warfare, increased use of exact artillery, basing on the collection of high quality real time intelligence collection, and narrowing the peripheral damages.

The most significant aspects in the security export during 2014: planes and aerial systems improvement, communication systems, arms and aerial defense systems, radars, electronic warfare, UAS, exact artillery systems and advanced protection. The data of security export according to geographic segments (in millions of dollars): Asia and the Pacific – 2,964, North America – 937, Latin America – 716, Europe – 724, Africa – 318.

2014 was another challenging year for the security industries around the world. During this year the trend of decreasing security budgets, and the growing deployment plans for central markets, such as the US and Europe continued. Data of security export demonstrate the difficulties that the leading security exporters face, including the global financial crisis, especially in the developed countries, that goes side by side with an increasing competition for each contract in the existing markets.