Air and Missile Defense: Barak-8 missile ststem

Barak-8 Illustration

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IAI is one of the participants in the upcoming IAMD conference on March 31

Barak-8 Illustration
Barak-8 Illustration

Barak – 8 the main weapon system onboard the Israeli navy’s new ships.

The Israeli developed Barak-8 missile system will be the main defense system of the four new corvettes that will be built in Germany for the Israeli navy. The advanced missile system will protect the warships from all aerial threats – including unmanned air systems (UAS) and cruise missiles.

Security experts told i-HLS these systems are considered force multipliers that would assist the Israeli Navy in fulfilling not only its ongoing missions, but also in meeting additional goals in the coming years. This, despite possible cuts in its order of battle. Most future threat scenarios include attempts by various adversaries – for instance Hezbollah, given its statements and threats – to attack the gas infrastructure in Israel’s economic waters, namely in the north of Israel.

The Barak 8, which has been developed in the framework of a major project by Israel aerospace industries (IAI), is an advanced Air and Missile Defense System and serves both as a Point Defense and Long-Range anti-missile and air-defense.

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The system’s radar manufactured by ELTA Systems., an IAI group and subsidiary. This is a multi-mission radar, designed to support, inter alia, air defense missions.

According to IAI, the missile system delivers an accurate, high quality, real-time arena situation picture and extracts low Radar Cross Section (RCS) targets even in the toughest environmental conditions. It is a digital Active Electronic Steering Array (AESA) Radar System which incorporates new and advanced technologies.
The Barak 8 missile system can operate by night as well as by day in addition to all weather conditions. It is capable of successfully dealing with simultaneous threats engagements, even in severe saturation scenarios.

The system has a very short reaction time and a fast missile vertical launch capability with 360 degree coverage. The system optimizes the coordination between the missile and batteries by using an advanced broadband communication network.

IAI says that the missile deals with short, medium, and long range threats, where its interconnectivity among the various ships in the naval task force enables it to be a multi-layer air and missile System of Systems.


IAI is one of the participants in the upcoming IAMD conference on March 31