The 7th Israeli Air Missile Defense
Conference & Exhibition
LAGO Conference Center, Rishon LeZion

The change in the challenges to air defense in the modern era is a well-known phenomenon. The need for aerial superiority on the battlefield in tandem with the need to defense the nation’s skies against an array of aerial threats require a multidisciplinary response. The imperative to tackle the use of methods of aerial operation in a sphere defended by means of advanced aerial defense systems must be dealt with along with the imperative to provide a response to a gamut of aerial threats, from ballistic and other missiles, through cruise missiles, rocket and mortar fire, to miniaturized, explosive-carrying UAVs.

The conference will focus on the following:

  • The development of the assessment of the aerial threats and future trends.
  • An integrative conceptual look at air defense.
  • The place of active defense in a comprehensive approach to air defense.
  • Technological developments: air assessment, tackling advanced air defense systems, sensors and target locators, command and control, interceptors and interception systems.
  • An examination of economic/operative perceptions in the context of active defense.

Target Audience

The conference is targeted at the defense industry community in Israel and abroad, the Israel Defense Forces and the Israeli defense establishment, academics in the field, decision makers, and support staff.

Why Participate?

  • To share information on latest developments in the field.
  • To hear some of the world’s leading experts speak about air defense.
  • To meet technological companies at the forefront of knowledge in the field.
  • To develop your network of professional and personal contacts.
  • To visit the expo of advanced technological means in the field.