FIBROTEX has received an order from the Israeli ministry of defense for hundreds of Ultra-Smart, Next Generation, Two-Sided Combat Uniforms. The FIGHTEX uniforms were selected over competitors for an Elite unit of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) following tests conducted under extreme environmental, climatic, and combat conditions.

Fibrotex-1The uniforms were ordered by one of the primary commando units of the IDF, which purchases advanced combat uniforms as part of the new soldier’s survivability pack. The uniforms were selected over various international competitors following extensive rigorous tests that were conducted under extreme environmental, climatic, and combat conditions.

According to the company’s VP Marketing & Sales, Yosef Kraus, deliveries of the order will be performed during this year.

Fibrotex says that the new generation of uniforms was developed in cooperation with special units of the IDF, based on conclusions drawn from an in-depth study of recent conflicts. Combining knowledge from the extreme sports domain – together with their expertise in the area of smart textile and camouflage fabrics – the company has developed advanced materials that are extremely breathable and ergonomic. These qualities have proven critical during intense operations in extreme weather conditions.

The company says that the new uniform is exceptionally durable, the combat-proven uniforms are lightweight and provide visual and near infra-red concealment. The reversible fabrics are printed with a different camouflage pattern on each side, enabling the adjustment of uniforms to any type of environment – thus enhancing the soldiers’ survivability. For example, one side of the fabric can provide camouflage for green areas such as forests, while the other side camouflages soldiers in desert or urban environments. Patterns and properties can be fully customized to precisely match any other requirements.

Kraus added that in addition to the IDF, interest has been expressed by various international customers, “we expect to receive additional orders in the coming weeks.”