More Security Cameras – Paranoia in Mexico City

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Mexico City doubles its municipal security system, adding thousands of additional cameras.

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Illustration (123rf)

Mexico city recently signed a contract with the Latin American security company Telmex, for the integration of 7,000 additional cameras into the municipal security system – including a panic button system, loudspeakers and other law enforcement systems that will prevent crime and protect citizens from other threats.

According to the UPI report the integration will be a joint effort by Telmex and Thales, both with prior experience in Mexico City: Under a 2009 contract the two already integrated around 8,000 cameras into the municipal security system. According to Thales representatives the system led to a significant drop in crime rates – 32% – and to increased respnse times for local police units.

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The representatives added that the recent contract is a vote of confidence by authorities in the two companies. They didn’t reveal any additional details, including the contract’s value.