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The Israeli Fire Fighting and Rescue Authority has recently purchased three fire-fighting motorbikes. The bikes will be used by the new quick response unit on busy central-district highways.

Photo: Fire Fighting and Rescue Authority Spokeswoman's Office
Photo: Fire Fighting and Rescue Authority Spokeswoman’s Office

The quick response unit was established by authority chief Shahar Ayalon, in order to improve response times and reach incident locations as quickly as possible.

The authority acquired three BMW 650 GS motorbikes, equipped with fire and rescue kits, at a cost of 200,000 shekels each. Different equipment packages were installed on each bike – rescue tools, water and foam fire fighting systems, man-portable tools – and the Fire Fighting Authority now intends to put them to the test

iHLS – Israel Homeland Security

According to top authority officers this is a unique concept, as most first responders around the world use separate motorcycles for rescue and fire fighting. The vehicles are heavier than usual, though, and their drivers have to be very careful.

After this first evaluation stage ends the authority will open a special training course for 12 fire fighting academy cadets, who will be the first members of the Israeli fire-fighting and rescue motorbike unit.