The Israeli Technology Saving Firefighters Worldwide

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The most important thing in dangerous situations is being aware of one’s spatial location, especially when that space is a burning building. Firefighters worldwide are claiming that the most serious issue they deal with is the lack of means to locate firefighters in a burning building – a problem that has no current solution in the market.

A survey conducted by the American National Standards Institute shows that more than loss of oxygen or collapsing buildings, the main factor for firefighter injury is getting lost or losing orientation within a burning building. In many cases, the firefighter gets lost and cannot explain their location to the rescue team (whether it is because they are confused about their location because of the smoke, or they fell through a weak floor/wall).

When firefighters enter a burning building, they “disappear” within it, and the event commander can’t track his subordinates and see the full picture. To manage the event, he has to stay outside of the building and needs geographic orientation to know where the firefighters are, and whether they are performing an optimal scan of the building.

Furthermore, it is not practical to install built-in locating systems in every building in the world, and such systems might not even work in case of a disaster (like a fire or a collapse). Therefore, the solution must be different. This is where RFSight comes in.

RFSight provides an advanced and sophisticated system that is based on radio frequency technology for geographic location. The system is built using hivemind architecture integrated with unique communication protocols. The system has a 3D display of the location and situation, high availability, immediate utilization, and the ability to analyze the event after it is over.

Many other companies attempted the same outcome using different methods and technologies, but those usually stop working in case of a fire. The radio frequency technology is proven and reliable, and when incorporated with the company’s unique algorithms it becomes extremely smart and accurate.

This system is distinguished from any other because it does not require any prior preparation of the structures, and can solve issues without needing an external system, which simply does not exist in the market today. Furthermore, after the company’s founders spoke with many firefighters and industry professionals, they all ended up saying the same thing – “if there is a system like that, and it works, bring it over right now.” This system is simply lifesaving.

The system can be used in any firefighting station worldwide since it does not rely on any infrastructure or external system. It is meant to be used by a variety of forces – military, police, security, rescue, civilian – any organization that deals with urban environments and needs to know its people’s location within a building.

While the system can provide a person’s spatial location within a structure in a ‘standalone’ manner, it can also integrate with Ormic’s system (another company by the same founders that collects the information and blueprints of official structures) to provide an even more advanced service. The combination of RFSight’s ability to locate a person within a building with Ormic’s building mappings lets the event commander see people’s location within a building, their movement, and the building’s structure. Then the commander can give real-time orders and guidance – alert about dangerous situations, see when there is an area in the building that was not yet scanned, or know if a certain person might be in danger (staying stationary for several minutes, for example) and requires help.

This revolutionary system provides an immediate, reliable solution that is easy to operate and is simply lifesaving.

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