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The United States Department of Homeland Security has recently been testing its Burn Saver technology. Burn Saver is a device that gives firemen, soldiers, and other first responders a warning when they are in a thermal environment that can cause major damage to their personal protective gear.

The Burn Saver is a battery powered device that has several sensors installed onto it. The sensors monitor temperature and heat density and calculates the amount of time first responders have before the heat damages their facepiece and other protective gear. When the device senses that there is only about 45 seconds left until the heat will damage the gear, the device will make an alerting sound.

Designed mainly to be used by firefighters, the Burn Saver was successfully tested at the National Fire Academy in Maryland. Five firefighters performed several tasks in a controlled environment to see if the device can sustain operational scenarios.

The Burn Saver was remotely activated inside a burn room and the firefighters provided feedback on the effectiveness of the device’s visual alert.

The Burn Saver can also alert the wearer via a heads-up display.

The most sensitive piece of a firefighter’s protective gear is his facepiece, the Burn Saver can help alert firefighters inside a burning building when the flames are too strong and when it is time to pull out, before the facepiece cracks, melts, or breaks. reports that the Burn Saver is funded by the Department of Homeland Security’s Small Business Innovation Research program and developed by TDA Research in collaboration with the Department of Homeland Security.