aljazeera-intThe Israeli homeland security industry attracts attention globally. Al Jazeera the TV network has recently devoted a report to this industry.  In this report Israeli experts said that No other country has emerged as a serious competitor to Israel’s homeland security trade.

They also said that with the exception of Turkey, Israel’s unpopular status has actually bolstered its homeland security industry: “In fact, Israel’s image as an isolated, besieged country is good for its weapons and homeland security exports. Israel can claim that despite having fewer allies and more enemies, Israel remains secure thanks to its technology.”

According to the report in Al-Jazeera, Brazil is emerging as a huge client for the Israeli homeland security industry.

And while contracts have not yet been awarded, Israel is expected to be Brazil’s top choice as it prepares its estimated 3 billion US$ worth of security projects for the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympics. Providing “security” for these mega-sports events really means sweeping the host city “clean” of the unattractive indigent communities that make their homes there.