Europe’s Largest Nuclear Power Plant Attacked by Drones

Europe’s Largest Nuclear Power Plant Attacked by Drones

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Russian nuclear power corporation Rosatom accuses Ukraine’s army of attacking the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant (ZNPP) with drones.

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) confirms that an attack took place on the nuclear power station’s site, which did not result in significant damage to the facilities but led to one casualty and several people getting injured, according to reports by Rosatom and IAEA.

ZNPP is one of the ten largest nuclear power plants in the world, and definitely the largest in Europe, and it is located in southeast Ukraine. It is currently under the control of Russian forces, seized in February 2022 after Russia invaded Ukraine.

According to Interesting Engineering, IAEA termed the attack “a serious incident” and Director General Rafael Mariano said the assault “is a clear violation of the basic principles for protecting Europe’s largest NPP. Such reckless attacks significantly increase the risk of a major nuclear accident and must cease immediately.” He also urged both countries to refrain from taking any action that violates “the basic principles that protect nuclear facilities.”

As for Ukraine, it has denied its involvement in the attack, with the country’s Defense Intelligence saying the Russians might be behind the attack, claiming that such Russian attacks “are the criminal, and well-known, tactic the occupiers frequently resort to, as is deploying forces and weapons at the ZNPP and rigging certain facilities at the power plant with explosives.”

In the meantime, it has been reported that Ukraine is using converted hobby planes to launch kamikaze-style attacks on Russian infrastructure, such as oil refineries, army and air force bases, and even industrial zones that are involved in the manufacturing of arms and armament.

The experts at Interesting Engineering conclude that drones are currently playing a majorly important role in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, as both countries are using them to afflict damage deep within each other’s territories.