New Nanotech Cloak Hides People from Drones

image provided by pixabay

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A Ukrainian material scientist has developed a new “invisibility cloak” to protect Ukrainians from Russian drones by concealing the heat signatures of troops and gear. The cloak is reportedly called “Phantom Skin.”

The new cloak is allegedly already on the Ukrainian frontlines, helping to mask the heat signatures of troops and equipment. According to Interesting Engineering, it is made of black plasticized material, with its outer texture likened to a camping tarp. The cloak can prevent the emission of heat signals by humans or military equipment, making them invisible to infrared or thermal sensors.

Using this cloak, soldiers can effectively evade detection from quadcopter sensors, and with the ongoing, extensive use of drones by both sides in the conflict, having the ability to “hide in plain sight” is a huge advantage.

Despite the composition of the invention being a secret, it is known to contain nanotechnology compounds, including graphene, which has properties that can mask or absorb heat signatures.

“There have been cases of using Phantom Skin not only for its intended purpose, such as masking soldiers but also as a cover for wounded soldiers to shield them from the ‘all-seeing’ eye of night vision cameras installed on drones before evacuation from the battlefield. The gratitude of the wounded warriors saved with the help of Phantom Skin is especially valuable,” explained a spokesperson from STE, a Ukrainian military tech company that helped develop “phantom skin”.

“Phantom Skin” appeared at the DSEI event in London last month.