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It is reported that Iran has developed a new attack drone for Russia to use in the war with Ukraine- an attack and reconnaissance drone called Shahed-107.

The drone, developed in Teheran, can potentially counter the British and American multiple-launch rocket systems utilized by Ukrainian forces, according to a report by Sky News. It also suggests that Iran might be offering Russia a deal involving “a few units” of a specially designed drone reflecting “the significant force design work Iran is engaged in to support Russia’s interests regarding Ukraine.”

According to Interesting Engineering, the new drone is developed by Shahed Aviation Industries in Iran and is part of the Shahed-101 UAV family. It features a distinctive V-shaped tail, a length of 2.5 meters and a wingspan of 3 meters, and can reportedly be launched from a vehicle.

The drone is also believed to posses reconnaissance capabilities and be equipped with a live-streaming transmitter for video transmission, meaning it could potentially be used to identify targets along Ukraine’s frontline, so other UAVs or weapons systems could launch targeted strikes.

Ukraine’s allies have previously accused Iran of arming Russia with Shahed-136, and it was found that makers were powering the drone using German technology. The Shahed 136 is an autonomous drone from Iran that is made to serve as a loitering munition. The drone is launched in groups of five or more from a launch rack and is specifically designed for engaging ground targets from a distance.

The ‘Shahed 136’ has a nose section housing a potent warhead weighing 30–50 kilograms and has a total weight of around 200 kg. It has a top speed exceeding 185 kph, a wingspan measuring 2.5 meters, and an impressive range of up to 2,500 kilometers.