Best Tips For Cyber Security, from Top Israeli Experts

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Due to a rise in cyber-attacks carried out by malicious groups against Israeli citizens, according to the top Israeli cyber experts, you should follow these steps in order to avoid anonymous cyber-attacks made against you.

Update your software – Experts from cybersecurity company ESET suggest that Israeli netizens keep their software updated for all applications and operating systems in order to have the most updated and secure version available, as updates will often address glitches, bugs and other issues that could compromise your cybersecurity.

Don’t open suspicious emails – Hackers will often try to gain access to systems via emails with malicious attachments or attempts to gain your personal information. Israelis should be wary of suspicious emails and ensure the sender is not impersonating a person or service they currently use.

Don’t give out your personal information – Phishing scams are among the most common cyberattacks in today’s world, as hackers can impersonate groups that you may feel comfortable giving your personal information to. Israeli netizens should be wary of entities asking for credit card or bank information, personal government documents or other critical documents.

Avoid social media phishing scams – Experts advise against clicking on suspicious links found on social media – even if the link was sent to you by a friend. Phishing links can compromise your internet security even if you do not input your personal information.

Use strong passwords, two-step verification – Cybersecurity experts suggest using dedicated passwords for each internet service, as well as enabling two-step verification whenever necessary.

As reported by the Jerusalem Post.

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