This Is What Tech Execs Have To Say About 2023

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A recent interview with IT executives around the world has garnered some interesting insight as we enter 2023. TechNewsWorld spoke with IT executives to gather predictions for what 2023 holds and they offered insightful writings on the wall of what to expect moving forward such as:

Core technologies at top priority – The current political and macroeconomic situations are even worse than most people predicted, and that is having a cooling effect on innovation.  People will focus more on cost-cutting and efficiencies. However, that will not diminish the importance of the core technologies being developed. Execs suggested that most supply chain problems come from mistakes or oversights that originate in the supply chain itself, and that opens the target to traditional cyber-attacks.

Year of AI and ML – The new year will place a new focus on machine learning operations (MLOps), predicted Moses Guttmann, CEO, and co-founder of ClearML, an MLOps platform. He expects artificial intelligence and machine learning spending to continue growing as companies seek ways to optimize rising investments and ensure value, especially in a challenging macroeconomic environment.

Open-Source Role – Focusing on ML operations, management, and governance will force MLOps teams to do more with less. According to Guttmann, businesses will adopt more off-the-shelf solutions because they are less expensive to produce, require less research time, and can be customized to fit most needs.

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