Imagine – Human Eye With Artificial Intelligence

Imagine – Human Eye With Artificial Intelligence

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A new type of technology has recently been developed. AI technology that mimics the human eye. Researchers at the University of Central Florida have created a device for AI that replicates the retina of the eye. This new discovery can lead to AI that can immediately identify objects, such as automated descriptions of photos captured with a camera or a phone. This technology can potentially be used in autonomous robots and self-driving cars as well. reports that this technology performs better than the eye in terms of the range of wavelengths it can perceive, from ultraviolet to visible light and on to the infrared spectrum. The technology expands upon previous work by the research team that created brain-like devices that can enable AI to work in remote regions and space.

While testing the device by having it recognize and analyze mixed wavelength images, the researchers found that this technology can discern the patterns and differences between the images 70 – 80 percent of the time. This means that it possibly can be used in hardware.

“It will change the way artificial intelligence is realized today,” says study principal investigator Tania Roy, an assistant professor in UCF’s Department of Materials Science, Engineering and Nanoscience Technology Center. “Today, everything is discrete components and running on conventional hardware. And here, we have the capacity to do in-sensor computing using a single device on one small platform.”

“We had devices, which behaved like the synapses of the human brain, but still, we were not feeding them the image directly,” Roy says. “Now, by adding image sensing ability to them, we have synapse-like devices that act like ‘smart pixels’ in a camera by sensing, processing, and recognizing images simultaneously.”

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