US Military Adapts Intelligent Autonomous Systems

US Military Adapts Intelligent Autonomous Systems

combat warships. image by pixabay

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The threats facing the US are evolving rapidly and the technologies available to warfighters around the world are advancing faster than ever while much of this innovation is originating outside of the defense sector. These are the fundamental attributes of today’s world that the Navy and Marine Corps will transform into advantages within the framework of a new strategy – the Intelligent Autonomous Systems (IAS) strategy. 

The autonomous technologies strategy seeks to accelerate the development and deployment of intelligent platforms, linked through a highly distributed command-and-control (C2) architecture, to provide the necessary combat hardware to enable the sea service’s Project Overmatch requirements.

Project Overmatch focuses on a seamless network that will leverage demonstrated progress in command-and-control in all domains and facilitate the manned-unmanned teaming of the future that would be required for future warfare. According to senior leaders, the strategy will be a “confluence of autonomy with unmanned systems and artificial intelligence” – from technology development and acquisition management to system maturation and infrastructure support across the enterprise, according to the strategy.

The AI-enabled technologies and platforms developed under the IAS, as well as the USN’s Unmanned Campaign Framework plan issued in March, will likely feed into operational requirements outlined by senior service leadership for the Project Overmatch initiative.

According to, the initiative is designed to develop and integrate resilient C2 networks to improve and accelerate the teaming of unmanned air, surface, and underwater vessels with manned weapons and platforms. Service officials see the initiative as the service’s best chance to counter China’s rising presence in the Indo-Pacific region.

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