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Here is a little taste of the aerial demonstration we have been shooting.

For registration to the broadcast and all demos please click here.  

The demonstrations of unmanned systems live are part of an exclusive news event including presentations by Israeli and global industry leaders, panels at the studio, the exposure of new technologies, and analysis. 

Companies such as IAI, Simplex, D-fend, Nando Drones, Rafael Anti-Drone, Bluebird participated in today’s impressive demonstrations. 

Among others, IAI will demonstrate the Heron remote satellite Atol 3940 operation and U-Robattle.

BlueBird Aerosystems will showcase a scenario of an unmanned WanderB VTOL UAV and a ground command vehicle with a camouflaged team, representing response in urban environments.

Nando Drones will demonstrate the capabilities of its autonomous drone platform that provides a security solution for critical installations and identifies people and vehicles in various scenarios.

Simplex’ technology turns “dum” drones and aircraft into sophisticated robots that are “aware” of their mission and the obstacles and risks and their airspace even when there is no communications with the operating post.

D-Fend will demonstrate two drones, flying into a “protected area”, and detected and identified by the company’s EnforceAir counter-drone system. The system “takes over” control of the drones and safely lands them in a designated safe landing area.

You will be able to see all these innovative systems and many more on Monday, September 7th –  Israel’s largest broadcast on unmanned systems. Straight from the TV studios, all the leading figures, innovations, technologies and systems in Israel and globally.