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The coronavirus pandemic is a global emergency scenario that requires readiness as part of the national preparedness strategy for emergency and crisis situations. 

The suitable preparations include the establishment of national arrays based on risk assessments and constant analysis of the emergency situation and its effect on the population. The establishment of a logistical system is required in response to the urgent demand for medical devices and equipment for diagnosis, treatment and protection.

Israel has excelled in leading the right response during the coronavirus crisis. The country has found the right way to reach immediately critical equipment suppliers all over the world and provide almost any need for any organization or institute.

We in iHLS can help you reach a wide variety of suppliers of quality coronavirus equipment, including:

  • consultation and plan preparation on the national/ municipal/ industry levels – with the help of a team expert in coping with the pandemic
  • full personal protective equipment (PPE) for patient care 
  • COVID-19 tests 
  • ventilators and oxygen concentrators
  • purifiers based on ozone and ionic technologies
  • thermal cameras for body temperature monitoring of individuals and moving crowd 
  • cyber solutions for the detection and monitoring of patients and the control of isolation
  • equipment for work safety and social distancing

and many more 

iHLS will help you reach numerous suppliers and get all the consultation and equipment you need in real-time.

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