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deep learning

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Computer scientists have developed tiny computers in attempt to make smarter, smaller sensors for medical devices and the Internet of Things - sensors that...
smart city

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Another step towards innovative and smart mobility solutions for reducing city traffic congestions. Dubai has tested an autonomous aerial vehicle (AAV) capable of carrying...

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Researchers designed authentication features that will make it more difficult to send out false  signals from the European Galileo satellite The European Union activated its...
situational awareness

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Advanced marine electronics systems will be supplied to the US Coast Guard for enhancing situational awareness and navigation capabilities. FLIR Systems has been awarded...

Top Topics

big data for homeland security

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iHLS fifth annual conference on Big Data for Homeland Security attracted many technology experts, investors, entrepreneurs and representatives of the high-tech industries, defense industries,...
startup festival

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If you have an innovative start-up in any field - the iHLS Startup Festival is just for you! Gaming, fintech, big data, nano-technology, cyber, machine...
big data

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  Big data impacts every aspect of life. In the homeland security sphere, Israel is a leading player with proven capabilities and operational experience in...
integration system

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In a world where every organization works with a wealth of data sources - cameras, sensors, organizational processes etc. - there is a growing...

Video News

UAV power supply

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An innovative technology offers a solution to the problem of power supply for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). The technology permits the anchorage of a...

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InnoCorp, LLC has introduced the SubMurres, an unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV) and an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) drone. It transitions from water to air...

Unmanned Systems & Robotics

Islamic State drone

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More and more attention has been drawn to the Islamic State drone threat ever since the group killed two Kurdish soldiers in October 2016...
air defense system

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"Red Sky" tactical air defense system was recently upgraded to provide an operational response to drones’ growing threat. IMI Systems demonstrated the next generation...

ISIS, ISIL, Islamic State

data mining

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Researchers used data mining technologies in order to analyze ISIS’s message in the social media as one of the factors that contributed to the...

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By Arie Egozi It may look a simple mission but it isn't. Some of the weapons and ammunition that were airdropped by the coalition aircraft...


startup festival

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We are delighted to invite you to participate in a unique event and present on our stage your original ideas to investors, customers and...
big data

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The big data realm is developing rapidly and confronting new challenges. RISELab, a research lab opened recently at the University of California, Berkeley, focuses...


airport security

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The majority of airports in the US do not have full employee screening at secure access points, resulting a serious insider threat to airport...

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  The Russian government has long been known to use criminal hackers for its’ world-class hacking abilities and intelligence gathering. The criminal group most likely...

New Products

analytics tools

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New embedded analytics tools - a motion tracker and a crowd detection tool - were launched recently. Aimetis Corp., which specialises in intelligent video...
long range missile

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Turkey’s state-controlled missile-maker Roketsan is developing a long range missile and weapons system, a ground-to-ground system dubbed “Bora”. According to, the Undersecretariat for...

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