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    Iran: IS sent warning letters to Middle East embassies

    Deputy Iranian Foreign Minister for Arab and African Affairs Hussein Amir Abdollahian said that after the self-styled Islamic State (IS) took over Mosul in early June, it sent letters to [...]

  • מטוס F-5E. התמונה באדיבות צבא ארה"ב

    Elbit secures new contract

    Elbit Systems Awarded Approximately $85 Million in Contracts from an Asian Customer to Perform an F-5 Upgrade Program and to Supply Electro-Optic and Communication Systems Haifa, Israel, October 22, 2014 [...]

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    Pro-Palestinian activists demonstrate outside British UAV engine plant

    Dozens of pro-Palestinian activists targeted a Shenstone factory today over its alleged involvement in making Israeli drones. Police was at the scene, where around 40 protesters were camped outside UAV [...]

  • Egozi’s Fury

    Egozi’s Fury

    Impotence against terror is spreading as rapidly as the Ebola epidemic. The writing was on the wall in Jerusalem, just as it was in Iraq, Syria and now in Canada [...]

  • מערכת הזיהוי הביומטרית מ"הדור הבא" של ה-FBI

    The FBI’s cliometric Next Generation Identification system

    The FBI has integrated the latest addition to its Next Generation Identification (NGI) system, which delivers new tools designed to improve the Bureau’s capability to identify criminals accurately and efficiently. [...]