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  • אילוסטרציה

    The Pentagon Still Needs More Eyes in the Sky

    Airborne intelligence has arguably given the U.S. military an advantage over adversaries on the ground during the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and the Pentagon will continue to rely on [...]

  • אילוסטרציה

    How 3D printing could help replace Russian rockets

    As the Pentagon looks to develop a replacement for the Russian engine that blasts the Atlas V rocket into orbit, two U.S. companies have been working on a little-known project that could [...]

  • Panther UAV

    Panther tilt rotor UAS for Special Forces

    IAI is among the presenters at the upcoming Autonomous Unmanned Systems & Robotics Expo on November 25-26 2014 The Panther takes off and lands automatically by a simple click of [...]

  • אילוסטרציה

    Cost effective rocket for aircraft unveiled

    Operators of upgraded Israeli made Kfir fighter aircraft may become customers for a new Israeli developed rocket. Israel military industries (IMI) is offering its MARS Supersonic precision rocket as a [...]

  • אילוסטרציה

    Rapid response team on motorcycles in the center of Israel

    Israel’s Fire and Rescue Services will soon deploy a motorcycled search and rescue rapid response team which will operate in the center of Israel. The team will focus on search [...]