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assault rifle

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The German armed forces are replacing their assault rifles. Two companies, Rheinmetall and Steyr Mannlicher, have joined forces to manufacture and market the RS556...
UAV flight duration

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A small diesel-powered unmanned aerial vehicle broke the record of UAV flight duration. A small business effort backed by the US Defense Advanced Research...
undersea surveillance

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Lockheed Martin Corp. is being awarded a contract modification for the production and support of Acoustic Rapid Commercial off-the-shelf Insertion (A-RCI) systems for the...
alert app

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A new development might help the Staffordshire Police in the UK put criminals behind bars with the help of local people. The Staffordshire Smart...

Top Topics

airport security

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The 21st century has been presenting more and more challenges in securing crowded areas. Technologies have been developed due to, among other reasons, terrible...
unmanned aerial vehicles

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One of the most significant trademarks of recent years regarding communication is the incredible overflow of information and data. From this large mass, people...
big data

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Big data processing and in-depth intelligent learning have penetrated into every aspect of life. Big data means the exponentially increasing amount of digital information...

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iHLS sums up 2016 and wishes you a happy new year! Another successful and active year, productive and full of innovations, changes and a variety...

Video News


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By Arie Egozi It begins to look like an episode from a science fiction movie - along the border between Israel and the Gaza strip,...
mini-drone swarm

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The Pentagon has tested a swarm of 103 micro-drones launched from planes in California. The information was released to the public only now by...

Unmanned Systems & Robotics

unmanned aircraft

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Researchers are developing methods to evaluate the risk posed by small unmanned aircraft to anyone on the ground. The research is key to enabling...
drone system

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Taiwan’s largest high-tech applied research institutions, ITRI (Industrial Technology Research Institute), has a new ICT Solution for Drones - a remotely-controlled autonomous drone system. The...

ISIS, ISIL, Islamic State

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Could Islamist terrorists get a hold of a nuclear bomb? Dozens of nuclear warheads have gone missing during the 1950s, 60s, 70s and 80s...

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The U.S. Air Force knows that in order to succeed in warfare, one needs to be able to adjust his plans on the fly....


smart city technologies

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Smart city and safe city technology beta projects and pilot programs are gaining ground in New York City, from free public Wi-Fi to smart...

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Radio-frequency identification (RFID) tags have begun appearing everywhere. When one looks carefully, it’s easy to notice them in passports, credit cards, library books, office...


cyber security

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  Banks and financial institutions are the most favoured target for cyber criminals. Reports by various internet security firms show that the majority of the...

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Large companies in the market are recognizing that standard data security no longer addresses every big data security concern. According to, while companies...

New Products

gun-mounted camera

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  While body cameras are becoming more popular among law enforcement teams, gun-mounted cameras provide a better point of view, since they are usually aimed...
emotion recognition

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Emotion recognition technologies can advance researchers’ ability to get deep insights into consumer behavior, but it seems that they could also be applied to...

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