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    Internet troll? You may be subject to 4 years in prison

    A recent story in the Guardian (16.10.2014) reported that Justice Secretary Chris Grayling is promoting legislation according to which anyone indicted of internet ‘trolling’ will be subject to four times [...]

  • Nuclear facility in Iran

    Fast draw – Nuclear Iran

    It’s all going to happen soon. ISIS members will figure it out: their leaders will put on suits, begin smiling and arrive in the US and London for talks on [...]

  • Fairfax County Police Events Mapping App

    Fairfax County, Va., provides real-time access to police data

    Using an overhauled mapping app, citizens can access hundreds of police service calls, in addition to neighborhood disturbances, thefts, drug or sex offenses, and more. In Fairfax County, Va., the [...]

  • מערכת Paragon של חברת S-Plane

    S-Plane launches new UAV control system

    UAV company S-Plane from South Africa has unveiled its new Paragon command and control system, able to control multiple UAVs simultaneously. Paragon was officially launched at the Africa Aerospace and [...]

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    Met Police and NCA: UK businesses are not helping fight cyber-crime

    Two of the UK’s top cyber crime-fighters have accused financial institutions and other companies of failing to share information about cyberattacks because of ‘mutual suspicion’ between police and the private [...]