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VIDEO ANALYTICS SECURITY Conference 30/10/17 Lago Center, Rishon Lezion The Fifth Israeli Video Analytics conference is coming soon, the main event of international Video Analytics conference in...

autonomous unmanned systems and robotics  

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cyber security rules

The United Kingdom has recently published a set of cyber security regulations, “Key principles of vehicle cyber security for connected and automated vehicles”. The...
augmented reality

The US Military is attempting to create a realistic deployment simulation system. The Synthetic Training Environment (STE), an immersive augmented reality system, is designed...
sensor technology

Search and rescue missions are often supported by airborne capabilities. Advances in the sensor field can augment the capabilities of the teams to locate...
facial recognition

Police departments in the world have been experimenting the use of facial recognition technologies during events with massive crowds in an attempt to prevent...

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unmanned systems

The major players at the unmanned systems market will soon showcase their best technological and operational innovations at the leading conference on Autonomous Unmanned...
saves lives

Few people know, but the reason fire procedures instruct people to refrain from elevator use in case of a fire in a high story...

In recent years, we've been witnessing more and more security officials that they're trying to find more efficient methods to map the field, in...
augmented reality

Most of us have heard stories, if we haven't witnessed them firsthand, of close family relatives having some sort of seizure or being severely...

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airport security tactics

The US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) recently released a video claiming to provide an inside look at airport security tactics - how the agency...
police officers

Over the last several years, the number of ambushes on police officers in the US has increased dramatically. One of the vulnerabilities threatening officers’...

Unmanned Systems & Robotics


By Arie Egozi This was the U.S demand even before the Trump era and the downturn it had brought to the Washington-Moscow relations. Washington has objected...
small UASs

Countering small UASs (unmanned aerial systems) to help protect warfighters has become a growing need recognized by the US defense administration. DARPA (Defense Advanced...

ISIS, ISIL, Islamic State


Two Cessna 208B Caravan aircraft purchased by the U.S. Department of Defense and modified to perform airborne intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance tasks were handed...
anti terror

Various security forces in Europe have been gradually adapting to the new terrorist threat reflected in recent years’ lethal attacks. Ireland’s military special forces, the...


As IoT matures, applications will be limited only by users’ imaginations. That’s the prediction of Lisa Litherland, a business architect who helps institutions create...
secure authentication

As organizations search for more secure authentication methods for data access, physical access and general security, many are turning to biometrics. The field has...


cybersecurity platform

Recent cyber attacks have increased awareness security on the net. The cyber security market is one of the fastest growing industries in the past...
military amphibious operations

Autonomous vehicles, augmented reality systems, and advanced wireless networks were among over 50 new technologies showcased during a recent US military amphibious operations exercise....

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infantry soldiers

The French army has been upgrading the equipment of its infantry soldiers - including a new troop carrier and advanced personal gear. The Army...
nuclear terrorism

The challenge of nuclear terrorism has become a threat that requires new and innovative technologies. A team formed by, among the rest, scientists at...

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