Thermal Radar for Video Surveillance in Border and Infrastructure Security

Thermal Radar for Video Surveillance in Border and Infrastructure Security

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Intrusion detection is the most critical step in securing border protection of any kind. An advanced thermal radar utilizes a rotating FLIR Tau2 thermal sensor and applies edge-based analytic detection algorithms to detect, classify and geo-spatially locate any perimeter incursion.  Its detection alerts generate not only a GPS coordinate of the intruder’s specific location but also a thermal image of the intrusion.

The technology provides many of the same net results of a traditional radar while remaining a completely passive and undetectable intrusion system.  

Applications include critical infrastructure such as airports and oil and gas installations, power grids and plants, border security, bridges, construction sites, etc. according to the company’s website.

The manufacturer, Thermal Imaging Radar, has developed the continuous thermal 360° detection camera to monitor and alert security personnel when intruders have breached secured areas. The system can see and target multiple intruders from any direction in total darkness from up to 500 meters away. It is capable of detecting a single human being over an 850,000 square meter area.

According to, the system is equipped with GPS to give longitude and latitude of any intruders that are breaching secured areas and has a unique radar view which pinpoints the intrusion on a google map of the area.

Geospatial technology – a map of the perimeter is automatically downloaded as soon as the Thermal Radar camera is turned on. The radar screen will show the intruders as a “red dot” on the screen. Hydra, the newest innovation from Thermal Imaging Radar combines real-time 360° intrusion detection directly integrated with a starlight visual PTZ incorporating IR illumination providing powerful situational awareness.

With powerful, edge-based analytics, Thermal Radar can be a low power, stand-alone detection outpost or the centerpiece of an integrated physical security strategy.

Edge-based analytics provides powerful computing inside a small package. This solution can be mounted on a pole or to the side building and connects via Mobile Network or LAN.

The leading companies and experts in the video analytics ecosystem will participate at the forthcoming Fifth Video Analytics Conference and Exhibition organized by iHLS. The event  will take place on October 30th, 2017 at the Lago Conference Center, Rishon LeZion.

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