Robots to Replace Warfighters in Subterranean Warfare

Engaging in subterranean (SubT) environments puts warfighters in dangerous situations with limited visibility and movement, as well as potential environmental risks such as flooding,...
border protection

Border Security Game-Changer

An advanced, technological game-changing project has been completed along Israel’s border with Gaza. Israel has finished installing a sensor-equipped underground wall on its side...

Miniature Drone to Serve US Air Force

Military microdrones that can flap their wings and change their wingbeat mid-flight could soon be coming to a future battlespace. The US Air Force is...

Miniature Drone to Explore Subterranean Environments

07Miniature autonomous drones will navigate and map unexplored subterranean environments beneath the UK’s rail network. The Prometheus project is designed to provide solutions across...

Subterranean Environment Challenge is Becoming More and More Relevant

Underground environments pose significant challenges for situational awareness of first responders and military forces in several levels. Tunnels can extend many kilometers in length...
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Australian Technology to Enable Underground Navigation

Drones usually rely on GPS for localization, navigation and flight control. A new technology uses LiDAR data and advanced algorithms on-board in real-time to...

Combining Advanced Communications with Heads Up Display

The combination of advanced communications capabilities with heads up displays will enhance US combatants. The Army has granted a $3.9M order to Silvus Technologies...

Tracking Dismounted Soldiers without GPS

Although many dismounted soldiers are often equipped with advanced devices, tracking and navigation are unavailable in GPS-denied environments. A prototype tactical electronic warfare (EW)...
stealthy drone

Stealthy Drone Solution Sought

Switching on visible headlights or some other emitting system like lidar has a significant drawback: It allows adversaries to detect a vehicle’s presence, in...
seeing through walls

Identification Through Walls – Preparing for Urban Warfare?

Advanced technology can aid soldiers make better-informed decisions in real-time at various battlefield environments. The U.S. Army is now looking for products and technologies...
military technologies

Top 10 Military Technological Developments of 2019

Groundbreaking military technologies were developed during 2019, from new power resources to human-machine teaming. Here are the top 10 of the leading ones developed...
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Robotic Solution for Tunnel Sensing

A new robot snake is designed for use in urban rescue missions, as well as military applications. This mechanical sensor platform can slither into...
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Subterranean Warfare – US Army’s New Priority

The US Army has set a new priority - subterranean warfare. Late last year, the Army launched an accelerated effort that funnels some $572...
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Register: AUS&R 2019 Unmanned Systems and Robotics Conference & Exhibition

Attend the seventh Conference and Exhibition on Unmanned Systems and Robotics - AUS&R 2019. Register! Representatives from government, leading defense industries, military, security forces and law...
3d measurement

iHLS Accelerator Startup: Precision 3D Measurement Revolution

An Israeli startup participating in the sixth batch of iHLS Security Accelerator has developed a ground-breaking camera-based technology for precision 3D measurement which will...

Robotics to Enhance Subterranean Warfare

Warfare in subterranean areas can be a perilous challenge. Subterranean settings can be dangerous to explore because of visual, technical, or environmental challenges. Personnel,...

Subterranean Mapping Tech Required

The majority of the underground environments are uncharted or inadequately mapped, including human-made tunnels, underground infrastructure, and natural cave networks. The lack of GPS,...

Mapping and Tracking Capabilities for GPS-Denied Environments

Operating in GPS-denied environments, such as indoors, underground and in areas where GPS may be intentionally denied, has become a serious challenge. A new...
idf portal

New IDF Portal Reflects Interdisciplinary Technological Sharing

A new IDF technological internet portal reflects the fact that, at least from the aspect of innovation and technology, the Israeli army is currently...

Rafael Unveils Missile Against Subterranean Targets

Rafael Advanced Systems is unveiling a new long-range stand-off air-to-surface missile, which may be used against high-value targets, stationary and re-locatable, even in theaters...

Robotic Solution for Tunnel Warfare

Some U.S. Army leaders believe future wars will take place underground and in tunnels. A new Swiss robot may be a solution for this...

Urban Warfare Has its Own Rules

Every mission that Marine or Army formations have to carry out is more difficult when you take it into an urban environment. This is...


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UAV Traffic Test Sees 5,000 Drones Self-Fly Safely

Researchers at Budapest’s Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE) reached a groundbreaking milestone in drone technology – they have both created the world’s first self-organizing drone...