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Gravity Industries founded by Richard Browning has released a video depicting a new gun harness for the company’s innovative Daedalus jetpack.

In the video (posted on the TikTok app), the pilot (who is possibly Browning himself) can be seen aiming a pair of pistols using head-tracking technology and firing them remotely using a trigger. The shoulder-mounted guns were possibly inspired by the shoulder cannon from the “Predator” franchise and are presumably designed to help protect the pilot during kinetic engagements.

According to Interesting Engineering, the pistols are attached to the jetpack via a tubular frame, which appears to offer up-and-down articulation of the guns, while the guns’ side-to-side movement is either limited or nonexistent. The type of firearm, while not entirely clear, resembles an automatic Glock-type weapon.

Nevertheless, experts express their doubts about the practicality of this armed configuration of the Daedalus jetpack- full-auto Glocks have notoriously high rates of fire and limited accuracy at any substantial range, and while extended magazines can help slightly mitigate the first issue, the pistol in the video looks to have a magazine with a small extension, which wouldn’t be much help.

Furthermore, in real combat situations, military jet-suit pilots would be literal floating targets and present very loud and clear targets for enemies. The Daedalus suit also requires both arms and considerable strength to fly.

Other issues arise when the user lands- carrying the Daedalus jetpack is impractical and could be dangerous in case of remaining fuel, and leaving it behind raises questions about recovering it later since the machine’s starting price is currently about $475,000.

In conclusion, despite seeming like a novel new weapon system, the Daedalus is not very practical at the moment.