This Autonomous Weapon System Is Fully Customizable

This Autonomous Weapon System Is Fully Customizable

firearm bullets. image by pixabay

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Taking a cue from countries like the US and China that are focusing on artificial intelligence and machine learning to develop lethal autonomous weapons systems, a leading India defense company by the name of Adani Defense and Aerospace, along with its partner Israel Weapon Industries (IWI), have unveiled India’s first AI based firing system ‘ARBEL”, the next-generation small arms solution.

Given US and China’s significant advancements in AI-based research, India has begun prioritizing AI as a key component of its national security strategy. After several years of no significant innovation in technology, it appears that this new system might change the game.

According to reports by, the ARBEL is a weapon-embedded Intelligent Fire Control System (IFCS) based on motion sensors. It contains a rechargeable (field-level changeable) battery, control unit, motion and trigger sensors, and microprocessor. The system doesn’t need a particular optical component to work and can be mounted on and combined with a variety of assault rifles and machine guns, including the TAVOR, ACE, and NAGEV. The user can choose the upper receiver and optic combination that best suits the mission at hand.

The ARBEL offers a range of capabilities, including rapid, accurate, and lethal fire, increased hit probability and lethality in stressful combat situations and from less-than-ideal shooting positions, quick strikes on the enemy, proven effectiveness in all terrains of conflict, and environmental adaptability. It doesn’t require much training, and the weapon doesn’t need to be reconfigured. With zero adaption time, it aids in the creation of fully customized weapon profiles.

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