Drone industry

Poland Invites Israeli Drone Industry to Cooperate

Last Monday, October 15, iHLS’s AUS&R conference hosted a plethora of startups, organizations and individuals from the industry of Unmanned Systems. A unique addition...

New Guided Munition System Developed

The U.S. Army signed a contract with two companies to demonstrate their new collaborative guided munition for the “Carl-Gustaf” system, with three all-up-round test...
Aircraft carrier

Russia’s New Aircraft Carrier

A new design concept for a future semi-catamaran aircraft carrier was devised by Russia’s Krylov State Research Center (KSRC). The model of a future non-nuclear...
Smart Patrolling

American Law Enforcement to Implement Smart Patrolling

Two leading tech-based companies are collaborating in order to provide law enforcement with Smart Patrolling, the first in-car camera video system, powered by artificial...

New Rifle Will Penetrate Body Armor

The U.S. Army is reportedly developing new weapons to replace the current M249 squad automatic weapon and the M4A1 carbine. The new 6.8mm next-generation...
Pocket Notepad

First of Its Kind App Developed for IDF Training Base in...

The IDF’s training camp in the Negev, “Ir Habahadim” (the “City of Training Bases”), is known for its magnitude and innovation. The wide array...

Hyperspectral Sensors to Enhance Vision on Battlefield

A new type of vision-enhancing technology is currently being developed to be used in the battlefield. “Hyperspectral” imaging looks beyond ordinary colors to see...
Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence Now Protects Students

Video Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Deep Learning is now being used to help schools across the U.S. rapidly and cost-effectively enhance safety and security...

New System Expands Situational Awareness and Safety

A new system named the Portable SkyDome has recently launched and was created with the purpose of empowering field agents, border patrol, law enforcement...

Marines Expand Experimentation as New Strategy

The U.S. Marines Corps will likely majorly increase experimentation in order to push future success in an increasingly competitive field.   According to the new...

Learning To Deal With Cyber Attacks

Cyberattacks and the methods by which the public and private sectors deter and counter them have occupied the headlines with increasing frequency in today’s...
Surveillance cameras will be able to se through Smoke

New Technology Will Enable First Responders To See Through Smoke

A new technology by will let its users see through smoke, snow, fog and low light conditions. Mutualink, Inc., a provider of secure interoperable communications...
Police UAS

Factors To Consider When Buying A Police UAS

Law enforcement agencies across the US are adopting unmanned aerial systems (UAS) for operations ranging from search and rescue to traffic accident reconstruction and...

Paramedics Are Now Piloting BLVO Drones

Paramedics in Canada can now see the bigger picture, as Federal authorities in the country has granted a county in the Ontario Province a...

Department Of Defence To Invest In Biometrics

Things like lightning fast DNA processing, biometrics recognition based on iris scans, thumbprint or voice patterns and video face recognition from vast distances seemed...

“High Tech Policemen” Will Protect Upcoming Olympics

The Winter Olympics will take place in South Korea during February, and the country is planning to deploy 10,000 police officers in and around...
video analytics

Expect Resurgence in Video Analytics in 2018

An increasing interest in video analytics was demonstrated in 2017 from commercial industries using the technology for business operations, yet the security industry remains...
Bump Stock

US to Restrict Bump Stocks’ Legality

In light of recent mass shooting happenings across the US, and specifically the Las Vegas shooting where a bump stock was used, the pressure...

UK Metropolitan police Embracing New Technologies

Body-worn cameras, laptops, smartphones and mobile working -all those things sounded like science fiction to the Metropolitan police officers not long time ago. But...

US Synagogues Enhance Self-Defense

Jewish organizations in the US face multiple types of threats, including from far-right nationalists and neo-Nazis, radical Islamists and far-left anti-Israel activists. Some synagogues...
real-time mapping

Real-Time Mapping of Building Under Terrorist Attack

A new technology will help police officers be at the touch of their cell phones to supply them better response at scenes of terrorism...
physical security technology

Global Company Rolls Out New Security Information Management System

  A new physical security technology has been taking the management of sensors further. Siemens’ Siveillance Viewpoint for physical security information management (PSIM) is part of...


image provided by Pixabay

AI Model Enhances Heart Scan Analysis

Experts from the Universities of East Anglia, Sheffield, and Leeds have developed a new groundbreaking AI method that improves the accuracy and efficiency of...