Russia Plans Anti-Satellite Nuclear Weapon

Russia Plans Anti-Satellite Nuclear Weapon

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The US House Intelligence Committee issued a warning to Congress about a “serious national security threat” in regards to Russia’s plans for a nuclear-armed anti-satellite space asset.

HIC chairman Mike Turner wrote a rather cryptic social media post, in which he mentioned information concerning a series of national security threats, and called for it to be declassified so that Congress, the administration, and allies can openly discuss the actions necessary to respond to the threat.

According to Interesting Engineering, despite there not being much further information, sources like BBC News clarified the message relates to a potential new Russian space-based hardware.

Reports in US media claim that a recent warning was issued due to Russian attempts to develop a space-based anti-satellite nuclear weapon, but such a weapon has not yet been launched into orbit. Although the weapon is not yet operational, the news has raised concerns among American officials.

If these news are indeed true, this potential weapon could target satellites crucial for civilian communications, navigation, military operations, and intelligence gathering. Nevertheless, US officials declared the threat “significant” but not yet imminent, and not a reason to panic.

Russia, however, is denying the warning issued by the US about its new nuclear space capabilities, calling the warning a “malicious fabrication” and accusing the White House of trying to trick US lawmakers into approving more money to counter Moscow. Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov recently refused to comment further on the matter until the White House provided more details, but stated that the warning from Washington was an obvious attempt to convince Congress to allocate more funds.