anti-terror tactics

London Looks for Israeli Assistance in Counter-Terror Tactics

London Mayor, Sadiq Khan, has sought advice from Israel about how to better combat the urban terrorism of the Manchester and London Bridge attacks....
drone tehcnology

New Approach to Drone Technology

The U.S. Special Operations Command (SOCOM) is partnering with the Pentagon’s Strategic Capabilities Office to create a new organization dedicated to advancing drone technology....
special forces

Are Putin’s Special Forces Catching Up?

Russia’s military is often seen as a bit backward compared to NATO allies and the U.S. — with dated equipment, low budgets, and problematic...
Drone’s Traveling Abilities

The Cost of Limiting Drone’s Traveling Abilities

Consumer drone company DJI has created a broad no-fly zone over nearly all of Iraq and Syria, an apparent attempt to prevent ISIS from...

Original Approach to Police Anti-Terror Efforts

The Australian police have been trying to target would-be ­extremists before they conduct a terrorist attack, with the formation of the Fixated Persons Investigations...
security system

Smart Airport Security System Helped Detect ISIS Suspects

The Senegalese authorities that apprehend two high-ranking ISIS jihadists in the Senegal Airport were assisted by a security system developed by Securiport, a company...

Searching for Extremists – Also in Prisons

A specialist team of counter-terrorism experts will be established in the UK  as the government steps up efforts to tackle extremism in prisons in...

ISIS Teaching U.S Military Some New Drone Developments

The U.S. military has been studying the drone threat from the Islamic State group in Iraq for some time now. The U.S. Army’s Combined...

The War on ISIS in Syria Reaches New Heights of Severity

Russia has been renewing it operations against ISIS in the Syrian arena also from the sea. The Russian Navy has launched several Kalibr cruise...
Islamic State

Islamic State in India – Recruitment Patterns and Technology Use

Technologically-advanced Islamist terror groups gain momentum in India. India’s intelligence agencies and state police forces coordinated to bust a hitherto unknown jihadist cell, apparently...
new weapons

Russia Tested New Weapons in Syria While West Observed

By Arie Egozi "Syria has been used as a huge test site for Russian new weapons, and the West, mainly the US, was keeping an...
Islamic State drone

A Glimpse Into Islamic State’s Drone Program

More and more attention has been drawn to the Islamic State drone threat ever since the group killed two Kurdish soldiers in October 2016...
data mining

Data Mining Technology Helped Analyze ISIS Rise to Power

Researchers used data mining technologies in order to analyze ISIS’s message in the social media as one of the factors that contributed to the...

Airdrops – A Tricky Mission

By Arie Egozi It may look a simple mission but it isn't. Some of the weapons and ammunition that were airdropped by the coalition aircraft...
anti-terrorist measures

Anti-Terrorist Measures Taken by Turkey

The Turkish authorities rounded up nearly 450 suspects believe to have ties with Islamic State.   Authorities in Turkey have increased its operations against Islamic...
terrorist attack

Europe Preparing for A Different Sort of Terrorist Attack

Following the Christmas market attack in Berlin, the German government issued a paper stating the country is at “high risk” of terrorist attacks carried...
weaponized drone

Weaponized Drones – Is It an ISIS Strategy?

ISIS supporters on social media were boasting that the terror group now has an air force after the Islamic State released on January 24th...
artillery warhead

New Artillery Warhead for Fight Against ISIS

A new artillery warhead is retiring an outdated cluster-bomb round on the battlefields for U.S. Army Central in the Middle East and Southwestern Asia....

Lost Nukes Present Opportunities for Terrorists

Could Islamist terrorists get a hold of a nuclear bomb? Dozens of nuclear warheads have gone missing during the 1950s, 60s, 70s and 80s...

U.S Air Force Employs New-Old Tool Against ISIS

The U.S. Air Force knows that in order to succeed in warfare, one needs to be able to adjust his plans on the fly....

Islamic Terror Threat – The Highest Since 9/11

The United States faces its highest Islamist terror threat environment since 9/11, and much of the threat now stems from individuals who have been...

In Search of Drugs to Treat Chemical Terrorist Attack Victims

Finding treatment for victims of a chemical weapons attack seems as one of the priorities of the US National Institute of Health (NIH). The...


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Electronic Spider Silk Can Be Printed Directly onto Skin

Researchers from the University of Cambridge developed adaptive and eco-friendly spider-silk-inspired sensors that can be directly and imperceptibly printed onto biological surfaces, from flower...