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What do these two have in common – adventure-loving hikers looking for a mobile field experience and soldiers that need a rapid and reliable solution for injured evacuation?

EZRaider, the smart four-wheeled vehicle for personal mobility, supplies a unique combination of exceptional user experience for leisure, tourism and recreation, forestry and hunting in the civilian market and an original solution for the military and security markets. 

The light-weight electric vehicle developed by DSRaider raises a lot of interest in both realms. It can carry heavy loads and is capable of surpassing obstacles and long-endurance driving through challenging terrain at high speed.

In a special interview to iHLS, Erez Abramov, the company’s CTO, said: The EZRaider is a unique vehicle offering a surfing user experience. It is based on a patented vehicle suspension technology that enables the drifting movement that so many users enjoy.

The development process of the vehicle is intriguing. From a solution he developed as a young adult for his own personal mobility experience – a four-wheeled skateboard for harsh terrain use – the vehicle has become the ground-breaking personal mobility vehicle EZRaider, with the establishment of the company, DSRaider, with Gadi Binyamini, COO, and Miki Bar, CEO.

At first, the vehicle was powered by fuel, but over the backdrop of the global quantum leap in electric systems, leading to the focus on compact, mission-oriented electric vehicles, the entrepreneurs shifted their strategy.

The availability, intuitivity and the lowering prices of electric vehicle systems (e.g. the electric scooter) have turned the electric smart mobility into a highly precise and mission-oriented technology.

Basing on thorough research on skateboard user experience, the company succeeded in implementing a suitable suspension system that offers the same excitement and adrenaline sought by surfers. As Erez points out, “the rule guiding me in the development process has always been to create the experience that I myself enjoy the most”.

DSRaider is focusing on the global, civilian market, with its electric vehicle offering extreme enthusiasts not only an exciting and thrilling experience but also safety and reliability at the highest levels, all in the form of an environment-friendly vehicle.

While at the beginning of the development process, the company had concentrated on the military market, it swiftly shifted its focus to the civilian market following the emerging global personal mobility trend. 

Later, the military and security market also discovered the vehicle as a solution for various needs. This way, this sector could enjoy the advantages of commercial development, affordable prices, reliability, effectiveness, and spare parts availability.

Guided by the motto that each vehicle is designed for a specific mission, the company has developed several models of EZRaider customized according to the task.

It is easy and simple to transfer the EZRaider vehicle from one place to the other through air, sea or land. It requires minimum maintenance, and it is so intuitive that anyone can learn to ride well within minutes. 

Among the vehicle’s advantages is the fact that it is a dual system – robotic and operated by a human operator. It is also a modular system to which one can connect a cart and various accessories enabling various modes of operation and uses according to the customer’s specific needs.

The company markets its personal mobility solution all over the world, including Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, the US, and more. 

Looking to the future, the company intends to leverage its unique know-how in the electric vehicle field and add some new products alongside EZRaider. In the meantime, the company is focusing on improving the vehicle and integrating the changes also into the older vehicles, expanding the export to the US, and first and foremost – conserving the uncompromised quality, safety and reliability that have characterized its smart electric vehicle for personal mobility.