Cloud-Based Face Recognition Solution

Cloud-Based Face Recognition Solution

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A new development enables deep-learning powered facial recognition technology via a cloud-based service. It has been developed to recognize the whole face and certain parts of the face through the integration of multiple deep learning technologies.

Panasonic will begin offering the application programming interface (API) for its facial recognition technology to the market in Japan. An algorithm performs a degree of similarity calculation method for matching faces and controlling errors caused by photographic conditions.

The technology is designed to overcome previously presented challenges to facial recognition, such as when the face is seen from an angle, in difficult lighting conditions, or when the face is partially covered by sunglasses or a surgical mask, according to

The facial recognition technology can now be used simply by opening the API, making it possible to incorporate the technology into customers’ smartphone applications, websites, and building access management systems. This will enable entry/exit management at multiple business sites, streamline movement within offices or work sites, and could prevent identity theft. 

Thanks to the new development, this technology is offered both on-premises and cloud-based solutions.