“Flicker” may protect helicopters from shoulder launched missiles

Photo Credit: IDF Spokesman

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Photo Credit: IDF Spokesman
Photo Credit: IDF Spokesman

Rafael is developing the concept of an active protection system for helicopters. A recent ground test proved according to the company that the solution can become a very efficient protection system for helicopters.

Such a system is critical for helicopters carrying ant terror units in battle areas.

Dubbed “Flicker”, the system works similar to the company’s Trophy that was developed to defend tanks and APC’s, from rockets and shells. This system is operational on the Israeli defense forces (IDF) Merkava Mk4 main battle tanks.

The Trophy creates a hemispheric protected zone around the vehicle where incoming threats are intercepted and defeated. When a threat is detected identified and verified, the system launches the classified interceptor and it deflects and destabilizes the rocket or shell so that it does not hit its target.

While the Israeli airforce (IAF) helicopters are using EW systems against missiles there is a need to protect them against weapons like RPG rockets. These have downed many helicopters in Iraq , Somalia and Afghanistan.

The “Flicker” is designed to launch a special projectile that will defeat the incoming threat.

The effort now is to downsize the system’s sub units and to pack them is a way that will be applicable for installation on a helicopter.