Robot Assistant Solution to Boost Airport Passenger Processing

Robot Assistant Solution to Boost Airport Passenger Processing

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Passenger processing in airports often takes time and causes delays. A new facial recognition solution will offer check-in and immigration screening, robot assistants to provide directions to boarding gates, digital signage providing personalized flight information, and self-boarding gates without manual ID verification.

The ‘One ID’ system was developed by Panasonic. The facial recognition-based automated check-in counter has been designed to accelerate the passengers’ processing.

Once passengers pass through the airport, the facial recognition capabilities are integrated into customer service robots and digital signage, which direct passengers to their gate and give them personalized flight information. Using facial recognition technology, passengers can activate the automated personal mobility units when they need assisted transport to their boarding gate.

Panasonic’s FacePRO security system can also monitor the locations of travelers on their way to the boarding gate, which allows airport staff to swiftly locate passengers who may be lost or delayed within the terminal, according to

The company said elements of the solution – such as the automated check-in and security tracking solutions – are already in use in major international airports in Asia and Europe.