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More and more countries have been tightening counter-drone security in their airports. Norway is no exception. A system called Ctrl+Sky was recently installed at Sola Airport, Stavanger, Norway by the Polish company Advanced Protection Systems (APS).

The 3D radar platform is a multi-sensor counter-drone system that is able to detect, identify and mitigate intrusive drones, according to the company website. Mounted on a mast, the system will monitor the airspace for drones and birds, while the system’s CyView software will automatically inform airport personnel of any unwanted intrusions.

The radio frequency (RF) sensors will provide an additional layer of information on possible drone activities. Collected data will be archived and statistics can be retrieved for improved situational awareness and enhanced airport safety management, according to

The Ctrl+Sky multi-sensor system has been selected by Avinor, a wholly-owned state limited company under the Norwegian Ministry of Transport and Communications and is responsible for 45 state-owned airports. An eight-year contract was awarded and Stavanger was chosen to be the first airport to deploy the system.

The military-grade counter-drone system has been sold to military, law enforcement and security agencies in several countries. Its 3D radar, coupled with RF sensors, cameras, acoustic sensors and automated jammers, enables reliable detection and neutralisation of any drone, whether commercial, radio-controlled or autonomous, in any weather conditions. It operates reliably in urban areas, and is effective due to the combination of several types of sensors.

Unlike other solutions, it provides a “dome” of protection without any blind zones. This enables the detection of intrusive drones in virtually every case. Ctrl+Sky is based on patented, proprietary solutions, and can be configured to meet specific customer requirements. The system is available in stationary and mobile versions.