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Rafael - Stalker Patrol Fully Extended
Rafael – Stalker Patrol Fully Extended

Rafael is offering Security Integrated Systems for Strategic Assets like oil fields and power stations. The technology was adapted from systems that were developed for the operational needs of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF).

Strategic assets such as oil and gas pipeline and rigs, power stations, ports, and harbors, are vulnerable to terrorist and criminal threats.

Such infrastructures have a high economic and political value, and the low probability of detection of threats, due to the relative anonymity and the sensitive geographical location of these the infrastructure environments, makes them an attractive target.

The potential immediate and long-term economic, environmental and political consequences that can emerge from an attack on such infrastructure, and the potentially high cost in human lives, requires governments to forge an holistic approach, which will address the complexities of such challenges.

Many oil wells are located in rural areas adjacent to roads, and in some cases near a village or other urban area. One can access them easily through their surrounding roads, making them highly vulnerable to sabotage and practically impossible to secure.

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The pipeline system is an area of great concern to oil companies and the global economy.

Terrorist groups represent the primary threat to the pipeline network. Single-issue extremist groups, people from within the branches and mentally unstable individuals can also be a threat to the system.

The most common method of attack of pipeline infrastructure in the world is the improvised explosive device. IEDs transported by vehicle (car bombs) have been a successful method of attack against oil facilities and pipelines. Control systems are also vulnerable to physical sabotage. Other common methods are drill or mechanical assault on the pipeline.

Large sections of pipeline without supervision are difficult to protect. Most of the pipelines in many regions in Latin America are buried a few feet deep, but there are exposed parts due to the passage of roads, river crossings, bridges, air steps or by deformation of the tubes that make some parts emerge on the surface.

Rafael, a designer and developer of multi-disciplinary, field-proven “system-of-systems”, is well-versed in complex large-scale integration and development of solutions for critical asset protection programs, both for Israel and for various countries around the world.

The core element of Rafael’s solution is its IMILITE command, control, communication, computers and intelligence (C4I) system, which keeps all security elements – from military personnel on the ground to Unmanned Airborne Vehicles (UAVs) in the air – connected, informed and synchronized in real-time. Rafael’s solution supports connectivity with Customer-defined sensors.

Rafael’s tailor-made solutions address the customer’s unique requirements, after conducting an in-depth geographical review of the area, as well as analysis of all the major potential threats, including the motivation and the ability of an attacker to carry out hostile acts.

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In order to ensure solid, viable security capabilities, Rafael offers a solution based on three major security foundations:

  • Robust communication infrastructure and systems (Triple-Way: voice, video and data)
  • Command, Control, Communication, Computer and Intelligence (C4I) capability (“IMILITE”)
  • Stationary, mobile and airborne surveillance systems

Rafael’s security solutions incorporate technological building blocks which supplement and complement each other’s capabilities, such as Ground-Based Sensors (Stationary and Mobile), including:

  • Terra-Sonic: a passive warning and detection system designed to alert to possible threats on or in the vicinity of the pipeline
  • Toplite: an advanced day/night Electro-Optic System (EOS) mounted on a mast to provide large area continuous surveillance.
  • Stalker: a multi-sensor system mounted on a Customer-furnished vehicle for efficient surveillance, based on an advanced day/night Electro-Optic Pod and radar, mounted on an electrically-operated telescopic mast.
  • Spotlite-P – tripod-mounted system for the detection of small arms fire sources.
Rafael Stalker 4
Rafael Stalker 4