RAFAEL’s Air-to-Air Missile Trialed Successfully by India 


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India’s Defense Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) has successfully trialed the 5th generation Python-5 air-to-air missile (AAM) for the Tejas, India’s indigenous light combat aircraft. Python-5 is manufactured by Rafael Advanced Defense Systems. 

The trials aimed to test the Python-5’s air-to-air weapons capability and the capability of the already integrated Derby Beyond Visual Range (BVR) AAM.

The Python-5 provides a combination of lock-on after launch and acquisition and tracking capabilities. The missile is fitted with an 11kg warhead, an IR guidance system and EO imaging.

Derby achieved direct hits on a high-speed maneuvering aerial target. Python-5 also achieved 100% hits, meeting all the planned objectives of the trials.

Python-5 missile live firing was conducted to validate target engagement from all aspects as well as beyond visual ranges, in all live firings the missile hit the aerial target.

The missiles were all fired from Tejas aircraft of the Aeronautical Development Agency flown by Indian Air Force test pilots.

According to Shephard Defense Insight (cited by shephardmedia.com), the Tejas LCA features an AESA radar, a unified EW suite, an onboard oxygen generation system, smart MFDs and a HUD.