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The Israeli company Rafael has unveiled a new long-range strike missile, with built-in autonomous capabilities and a range of 300 kilometers. According to Rafael officials, this is an air, ground and naval solution that can attack targets at land and sea. 

The Ice Breaker missile is said to be capable of low trajectories, feature low-observable qualities — or stealth technology — and can function autonomously or in a HITP mode. The fifth-generation weapon can launch from a variety of aircraft and helicopters.

The company said in a statement that the missile uses artificial intelligence, deep-learning technology, and big data-based scene-matching, enabling Automatic Target Acquisition (ATA) and Automatic Target Recognition (ATR). 

A company statement said the missile flies at high subsonic speeds with a multi-directional, synchronized full sphere attack capability, based on predefined attack plans, according to waypoints, azimuth, impact angle and aim-point selection.